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What are we good at?

Our main areas of expertise include IT project management and programming. We are strong in the modern Internet technologies and mobile applications. We are also good at talking business and marketing.

If something can be done using HTML5, AJAX, PHP, (Symfony2), modern database (MySQL or PostgreSQL), Adobe Flash, Adobe AIR, then we are the right people for the job.

In more detail? Got to do:

  • Web site
  • Mobile application
  • Site or application on FB
  • Web application
  • Banners or flash game

Do not hesitate to brief us for more details at ;)

Want a web site to display properly in IE6? Find someone else for the job.

How we work?

KANBAN is the key word. Every day we use that one of agile methodologies for IT project management. This allows us to manage development team in an optimal manner and to effectively address business goals.

The main assumptions of KANBAN methodology include limiting the work carried out simultaneously by a team member, full visualization of the current project status, determination of different flow for different types of tasks, using historical data and clearly defined priorities in the planning process.

Some of the tools used in our daily work: Redmine, Bootstrap, Git / SVN, Symfony2, Silex, PhoneGap.